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Daily Visit Care

Our nurturing staff will guarantee your loved ones are well cared for by ensuring they have had all their meals, medications have been administered, vital observations are taken and their personal hygiene is maintained. We can also liaise with other health care professionals to deliver recommended care programs, whilst supporting their lifestyle requirements including interests with pets, neighbours and friends.
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Leisure & Lifestyle Care

Outings, family get-togethers, going to the movies, walks, excursions, even the local pub or club, weddings, ferry rides, museums, art galleries, historic sites, nature walks, restaurants and cafes, accompanying you in your hobbies, cruises, overseas trips and concerts, we can create a personalised event calendar just for you with planned events each week that will make your lifestyle the envy of friends and family.
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Respite Care

Whether it’s just for a few hours, a few days or a few days each week, everyone needs a break now and then. Let HSHC take the reins for a while, quality time apart makes for quality time together. We can provide live-in and overnight care for planned breaks; or in case of a family emergency. Take some time for yourself, refresh, get your energy back, reconnect with missed friends and family, and let us do the caring for you.

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Hospice and Palliative Care

End of life care in your own home. HSHC allows your loved ones to live out their final days in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. We will liaise with the palliative care team to provide the full range of appropriate medical care, including pain management to maximise their comfort. Our fully qualified trained nurses and care givers can support you and your family in this stressful time with a customised care plan that fits the needs of you and your loved one making for the most comfortable transition possible.

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Dementia Care

Dementia has such a broad range of challenges from basic safety to daily personal care and general wellbeing. HSHC has a team of specially trained and experienced dementia carers who can create personal nursing care plans to suit each persons specific needs depending on their situation. All critical areas will be revised and considered including potential issues such as accidents, trip & fall hazards, wandering hazards and others. It’s not all about safety and risk management though; you want your loved ones to be as happy and comfortable as possible. To ensure this, we use tools such as coping strategies, memory games, activities for mental stimulation, and physical activity plans.

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24-hour Care

Also known as Live-in Home Care. We can provide full around the clock in-home care for your loved one ensuring all their essential care needs are met any time every day.
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Post-Hospital Care

Remove yourself from the risk of infection and the uncomfortable clinical hospital environment. We can pick you up directly from the hospital and assist setting up the home environment for a comfortable post-surgery recovery with optional rehabilitation programs to ensure you have the most trouble free and rapid recovery possible.

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Nursing Home Support

Many nursing homes are overwhelmed and simply don’t have the resources to provide the level of care most people deserve. HSHC can provide a specialised carer just for your loved one to care for them within the nursing home environment. Just having someone there to take the time and care for the simple things, like helping them eat their meals, spending some time outdoors, a little help with the basic daily functions of life, or even regular planned outings.

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