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Two lifetimes of experience in nursing have combined to create a truly special and unique service

Marella Stigler and Karen Kelly met when working together on a common project in 2010. They quickly realised there was a common level of professionalism, care and experience between them. Their working relationship developed quickly and naturally as they continued to work together over the years.

This working relationship has resulted in the unique set of values that makes Home Sweet Home Care Nursing such a breath of fresh air in the care industry.

Both Marella and Karen share a common can-do attitude. Our values are based on integrity, honesty, compassion and a belief in the saying that “to lose yourself in service to others is to truly find yourself”.

Our approach to “Individualised Care” is ingrained into every aspect of the HSHC culture. Our training and systems are completely focused on ensuring every one of our carers and nurses behaves in a genuinely caring, supportive and nurturing way with complete integrity to ensure you and your loved one feel safe, happy and properly cared for.

Both Marella and Karen have been lifetime nursing professionals.

Marella Stigler is a Registered Nurse with 35 years of experience in the public hospital system, public and private residential care and private home nursing, being qualified as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, specialising in aged care, dementia and palliative care. Marella has personally experienced each aspect of these different environments and as a result has developed a passion for, and commitment to the benefits of quality in-home care.

Karen Kelly (née Carr) is a Registered Nurse with more than 25 years’ experience working in both public and private hospitals, residential care, community care and home nursing. She has an infectious enthusiasm that she brings to everything she does and is a true ‘people person’. Karens’ personal mission is to provide an in-home care service that exceeds the expectations of her clients, their families and the community.

Marella and Karen both proactively work to maintain their knowledge and currency within the Nursing Profession and maintain current evidence based practice standards.

This level of experience, passion and industry expertise is a genuine point of difference that means you can trust HSHC to deliver the best possible care experience for the ones you love.

Another important result of both Marella’s and Karen’s extensive experience is the knowledge about working in cooperation with multi-disciplinary teams to ensure effective, client-centred care. This experience has been translated into the HSHC Academy where the skills and experience of each of our carers and nurses are continuously developed to ensure our values are consistently applied to every client at all times.

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